Who is

Bruno Meneguele


Formal presentation

Hi, my name is Bruno Eduardo de Oliveira Meneguele, I am from Brazil and also am a computer engineer interested in about everything related to operating systems development or any other low level discussion you can imagine. I have around 3 years of embedded and Linux Kernel development experience, focusing mainly in the security field of these.

Currently I am Software Engineer in the Core Kernel development team at Red Hat.

Ok, lets talk: about this blog

Although I am currently employed by Red Hat I still am pretty new to the Kernel development per se. Because of that everything you are going to find in this personal blog is basically myself trying to figure out how some stuff works, maybe directly related to the Linux Kernel, but others just random curiosity.

Also, although I am a Linux Kernel developer it does not mean I won’t share any information about other operating systems. Actually you might get surprised on how interested I am about that in general, mostly the BSD family. So be warned.

You can find me walking around on IRC, mostly OFTC server (#kernelnewbies channel) as bmeneg. You also can ping or follow me on Twitter. Do not hesitate to reach me out.